What is Sharjah Publishing City (SPC)?

Sharjah Publishing City is the world’s first free zone exclusively serving the publishing industry. It offers companies in the publishing space the opportunity to capitalize on tax-free privileges while being independently owned and operated.

Can companies who do not work in the publishing industry operate in SPC?

SPC caters to the publishing industry mainly. However, we have a wide range of business activities to choose from.

What type of companies can be established in SPC?

Any type and size of companies can be opened at SPC. Legal structure mainly covers Limited Liability companies of single shareholders or Multiple shareholders. Local or Foreign Branches also can be established at SPC.

What benefits do companies operating in SPC receive?

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No limit on repatriation of funds
  • No currency restrictions
  • Exemption from corporate and personal income tax
  • Exemption from import and export tax
  • Immigration, residency, and other government services

Can I buy or lease land in SPC?

Currently you can only lease built up facilities

What are the types of offices solutions under SPC?

SPC offers wide range of office solutions. It includes Flexi Desks or Furnished, unfurnished and shell & core offices with a minimum floor space of 25 square meters.

What other facilities does SPC offer?

Storage options with varied seizes are on offer for short term and long term rental

Are the SPC offices offered on lease or rent?

Both types of offices are offered on rent with an annual payment.

Does SPC offer its clients subsidies or financial support for setting up a business?

SPC does not offer any subsidies or monetary support to companies who want to set up a business.

Does SPC limit investors from being part of multiple businesses?

No, SPC does not restrict investors from being a part of multiple businesses.

Is there any income tax or corporate tax imposed on individuals or companies?

No, an individual or a company need not pay any income tax or corporate tax.

Is it mandatory for a company owner to seek out an Emirati sponsor to invest in his business before starting a new company?

No, businessmen can have exclusive ownership of his company without an Emirati sponsor.

Does the SPC license allow an investor to operate outside the Free Zone or in any other Emirate?

SPC license allows operation only within the Free Zone. You need to seek permission from relevant authorities for doing business outside the Free Zone.

Can I establish a branch of my company in Sharjah or any other emirate even if I have a branch in SPC?

Yes, there are no restrictions from SPC in setting up branches in Sharjah or any other emirate.

Does SPC restrict me from employing a person based on their nationality?

No, SPC does not restrict an investor from employing a person of any nationality.